Sweat is a fun, high-energy class that bases its foundations off three tiers of fitness: Strength, Stamina and Mental Toughness. 

This 60-minute class will sculpt a solid core through various body weight and weight resistance movements, all while keeping a high cardio base. Sweat regularly incorporates team workouts building camaraderie and self confidence through a fun environment. Expect to develop a strong core, strong body weight movements and a strong cardio base.


CrossFit incorporates aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, metabolic conditioning and bodyweight exercises performed at high intensity over short duration. 

Our workouts are developed to be adaptable and scalable to all fitness levels. No matter who you are, no matter what your current fitness level, CrossFit will help you reach the next level.

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6 Week Challenge

This 6 Week Challenge is a 6 week course that combines nutrition and working out to provide results. 

You must apply and interview to see if you're the right candidate for this Challenge. We're looking for those who are motivated, positive, and need to kickstart their nutrition and work-out routine. This Challenge is designed for beginners to help transition to a healthy lifestyle through guidance and coaching!

Personal Training

Are you looking to address specific goals, train for competition, dealing with physical limitations, or simply not interested in participating in group classes? One-on-one coaching allows you to achieve your specific goals with a program designed just for you.

Flexible Nutritional Consultation -

In today's world full of complex dietary restrictions, eating habits and food allergies, it has become increasingly difficult to follow a specific type of diet that meets all of our macronutrient (fats, carbohydrates, protein) needs. So why not learn what your individual macronutrients are based on your personal goals, activity level, body fat percentage and body weight? You can either set up an individual session or join a class and learn more about food and what you're eating.


This program is open to anyone wanting to use our weightlifting and powerlifting platform. This area will be available during our normal business hours and offers unlimited use of this specific area.

Introductory Course

Our Introductory Course costs $135 and includes 4 Personal Training Sessions and 2 weeks of regular classes! 

During this time, you'll train with coaches to learn the movements, familiarize you with the gym, do a workout at each session, and then transition you into regular class. Our goal is to work with every individual to meet your needs and goals regardless of your fitness level. After your 4 personal training sessions, we get you started into regular classes. We are a class based gym – so we have various class options for you to attend.

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Enjoy our special intro offer: 4 personal training sessions + 2 weeks of regular group classes. Give it a try and see if it works for you!

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