NorthFit Youth

Focusing on building character and skill development for our youth in a positive environment.

Our youth program is focused on kids from ages 10-14 years of age and for any level of fitness. We focus on developing physical skills, confidence and social interaction. We hope to provide a safe space for those who may not have found their "sport" or an addition to any current activity or sport. Our goal is to keep things fun, work on motor skills & balance, positive attitudes and team building.

Building confidence in children is an integral part in their development as they grow. We want to encourage a positive surrounding that allows them to learn and develop these skills in a safe environment and at their own level of fitness.


10-14 years old

M/W 3:30-4:20pm

Level-based programs

Each age bracket has set goals to strive for. We teach them how to goal-set, succeed and focus on achieving.
Our house rules include:

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Power of Words
  • Uniform
  • Mantras and Affirmations
  • Rituals


We help your kids develop excellent nutrition habits designed for long-term, healthy growth. We teach the following skills:

  • Proper portion sizes
  • Understanding of Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein
  • Recognizing Sugars
  • Label Reading
  • Meal Planning
  • Preparing Recipes