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Nutrition creates a foundation for all that you do; eating real food in the right quantities and addressing behavior change to take control of your life.

Our Nutrition program combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. No quick fix. Our program offers accountability for long term results aimed at behavior modification.

Our nutrition coaching program is very unique and is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness.

We use simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting”. Imagine the confidence you could have walking into the grocery store or a restaurant knowing exactly what you should eat to not only feel great but look great too!

The internet is filled with diet plans, recipe plans, and other information. There are a lot of programs out there telling you what NOT to eat or how to replace meals with supplements or a shake. What if we could attain this confidence through learning what TO eat and using whole foods with limited ingredients? Behold, a teaching program to build life-long skills one step at a time!

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How does it work?

The founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition is a registered dietitian who has helped thousands of clients achieve long-term results through behavior change and empowered people just like you take control of their health and life again. The HSN system has been implemented at hundreds of gyms around the world. The system is comprised of a two-phase approach.

Phase 1
Personalized Plan

During Phase 1 you'll meet with a nutrition coach, determine your baseline, test biometrics, set goals and form a customized plan. You'll walk away with nutrition education, meal plans, and a roadmap for going forward.

Phase 2
Ongoing Support

After three months, you will graduate onto Phase II, where we'll focus on accountability, ongoing support and treat your plan to see optimal results. We are so confident that the program will work, we guarantee results if you follow the plan!

Healthy Steps Nutrition released an exclusive app to provide you with the support and accountability to be successful. Each week, you'll receive new content and videos focusing on behavior change. The app directly integrates with with a meal tracking software to provide instant feedback on your progress.

Real Results.

“A Crossfit video ad popped up in my social media (shared by a friend) to promote the 6-week Women's Challenge.and the women in the video were all ages, all sizes, all abilities, and they were getting it done with both smiles and grit! Shelly Strohm's video testimonial especially resonated with me, as she was also a mom just trying to get some of herself back after having a baby in the months before she joined the Challenge. I listened to her and thought to myself, "She sounds like me. I need to try this." I signed on for an additional 6 months with Crossfit after my Challenge was over and have consistently gone 3 days a week, it's the most successful I have ever been with a gym/workout program. I continue to apply what I learned from the nutritional coaching/meal plans and have lost a total of 14 lbs and feel stronger every day."
Leanne, lost 18.75 inches, 9 lbs, 2% body fat
"After having my 3rd child Last year I knew I had to get back to CrossFit. Not to specifically lose weight, my main goal was to learn more about nutrition and to gain strength. Let’s just say the challenge helped me realize not only was I doing this to have strength to keep up with my kiddos but always for me. I’ve come to find workingout calming and positive. Yes, it can be hard but how many things in life are easy? You have to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to succeed. "

Shandell, lost 14.25 inches, gained 5Ib muscle, lost 3% body fat

"I heard about the challenge through a Facebook ad. All of the women were of all ages and super confident. That’s something I wanted more then anything ( to be confident). I had tried to lose weight in the past from personal trainer, anytime fitness, classes at the hospital, keto diet. I was so worried about the number on the scale. Many of Megan’s sayings stuck in my head “ come in with your blinders and work on yourself and what YOU can do” also “ how the number on the scale doesn’t matter. Inches, body fat %, muscle growth and a good diet is what mattters. “ I’m super happy that I decided to just do it. Yes, it was expensive. But I was there EVERY single day. My favorite thing is if I’m doing something wrong they will help me and correct it. I’ve never lifted in my life, something I wanted to learn and was never taught. 
Michaela Powers, lost 9 inches & 2% Body Fat
“Testimonials coming soon!"
Name, 36, lost 100 lbs
“I love that I can wear a two-piece swimsuit. I love eating right and not wanting to kick myself for overeating unhealthy food. I love that I’m buying size 6 instead of 14. And I especially love running into people I haven’t seen in a while and hearing ‘Wow! You look great! And so much younger!'”
Laurie, 56, lost 51 lbs
“I love that I can wear a two-piece swimsuit. I love eating right and not wanting to kick myself for overeating unhealthy food. I love that I’m buying size 6 instead of 14. And I especially love running into people I haven’t seen in a while and hearing ‘Wow! You look great! And so much younger!'”
Laurie, 56, lost 51 lbs

Our next nutrition coaching group starts Monday, October 1, 2018.
What you get:

12 months of Farmstrong Forks + ProCoach Nutrition Coaching

  • 12-month Access to FB Nutrition Community + Group Support from Coach Kyle & Taylor (PN1 Certified) $1297 Value!
  • 12-month Custom Account and Access to ProCoach Platform $997 Value!
  • 12-month Daily Email Habit Coaching $9/day $3,297 Value!

Bonus to Habit Coaching with ProCoach...

  • Weekly Lessons, Workshops, Skill Clinics - Included!
  • Immediate Access to Your Simple Individualized Nutrition Quick Start Guide $97 Value!
  • Private Monthly Coaches Meeting Roundtable for Q&A $1,797 Value!

Bonus: Exclusive 6-Week Nutrition Master Class $997 Value!

Here's the weekly Master Class lesson plan:

  • Lesson 1: How To Avoid A Plateau In Weight Loss - The Secrets You Can Leverage To Your Unfair Advantage.
  • Lesson 2: What To Eat Before Working Out To Maintain Performance, Enhance Recovery, Improve Strength, In What Combinations, And At Which Times.
  • Lesson 3: Whats The Deal With Sugar? Plus, How To Reduce Your Chance Of Metabolic Disease, Figure Out Your Food Allergies Or Intolerances, And Make Sense Of All The Info.
  • Lesson 4: What You Need To Know About Macros, Meal Plans, Diets, and Body Types.
  • Lesson 5: How To Stay On Track With Your Goals And Nutrition When You're Busy And/Or Traveling.
  • Lesson 6: What You Need To Know About Good Fats, Bad Fats, And Your Cholesterol.
Total Value


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