16 Week Program - Mental, Physical, Nutrition

When I met with Meg for an InBody scan back in November, my mental and physical health were struggling.  With a weight of 154 lbs and a body fat percentage of 41.2, I felt defeated, frustrated, and angry.  I remember telling Meg that I needed to go back to tracking my macros and her response was “no you don’t” and suggested I consider a program NorthFit was offering as I may be a good candidate.  Little did I know that the next 4 months would be the start of a personalized whole body transformation and journey – mentally, physically, and nutritionally. When asked what my goal was within the program, it was to be the healthiest, happiest version of myself.

I already had a good foundation for what healthy foods were, but my body was in such a state of inflammation that I needed help healing it.  Working with Meg took me back to the basics – first focusing on anti-inflammatory/healing foods, simple ingredients.  Once I was able to start reintegrating foods, I found that my body reacted poorly to certain foods I ate.  I always read labels on the foods I bought, but for the completely wrong reasons.  Now I read them to make sure what I’m putting in my body is quality ingredients.  We then slowly integrated exercise – what looked simple was very difficult for me because for one, it was humbling to see how far my physical stamina had digressed and two, I knew what I used to be able to do/lift.  Meg also challenged me at looking deep at myself, something I admittedly don’t like to do.  As the weeks progressed, I would be challenged more – both physically and mentally.  Never once did I feel overwhelmed or like the challenges being added were stressful.  It felt like a gradual shift as I built maintainable habits.  I looked forward to our meetings – our conversations were always so organic, calming, and free – and the books that were recommended for me to read.  As someone who is a busy, working mother, those moments - whether through conversation, meditation, reading, etc. - allowed me to disconnect and truly focus on myself.

By the end of my journey within the program, I had lost over 20 lbs and 8% body fat.  While it certainly felt amazing to lose the weight, I found more joy in the person I had become.  I no longer felt like I was trapped in a rabbit hole without a way to get out.  I felt more energized, was sleeping better, less angry, was more consistent, and conscious about being present.  For me, I had achieved the goal that I had set out to do.  However, I feel like this was just the start of my journey.  Thank you Meg for your enlightenment, support, and providing me the tools that I needed to work towards being the healthiest version of myself!