3 Ingredient Pancakes

If your looking for something simple to start your day here's a good option. You get protein, cards and fat all in one 5 minute recipe!​

Ingredients:1 medium ripe banana2 tablespoons whole-wheat flour1 larger egg (lightly beaten) Steps of Preparation:

  1. Mash the banana with a fork until it is smooth, then add flour and egg; stir well with a whisk.
  2. Heat a large skillet or griddle on medium-high heat, spoon batter onto skillet or griddle (using about 1/3 of batter for each pancake).
  3. Cook for about two minutes on one side until the edges look cooked then flip the pancake and cook the other side until it is lightly browned.

 *Makes one serving (serving size: 3 pancakes) Source: TIME 100 healthiest foods magazine (Recipes from Cooking Light)

Maddie Bare

General Manager / Coach