Active Life

Active Life Series - Introduction

In our previous blog, we went through the different levels of pre-existing conditions that can lead to an injury. If you recall, we used low back pain as an example. A lot of you feel low back pain when you begin to max out or work your way to a heavy deadlift. But then, you were asked to pause and think, what did you do that day before you got to the gym? Were you sitting at a desk for eight hours or overusing your back, moving heavy loads at a physically demanding job? After discussing this topic, we decided it might be a good time to let you know how our certified coaches can help you move better in and outside of the gym.

In a few weeks, NorthFit will be hosting a seminar put on by not one, but three of our coaches on a Saturday and will continue to host seminars as they see fit. The timing is yet to be determined, but we wanted to let you know as this is an important part of your lifestyles to learn what exercises will help you move better daily, and of course, how we can help you maximize your time in the gym.

During each seminar, Coach Brady, Coach Zac, and Coach Tyler will be covering mobility and flexibility assessments. These assessments are not like the surprise written exam, so please don’t be nervous.

For example, one assessment will help determine your ankle mobility. Depending on how you move throughout that assessment, you might be given a few specific exercises to follow during or outside of class, unless you pass the assessment (congratulations!). The ankle assessment helps the coaches to identify limited movement which can be a reasoning behind why you are not able to complete a squat with correct form.

There is a ton of information to come! Just like in the last blog, we are only scratching the surface. Stay tuned as this is the first part of a series that will only benefit you.