Carolyn Meyer - NorthFit's Newest Staff Member

We have a new team member!

We are stoked to have Carolyn Meyer join our team as our Nutrition Coach. A little bit about Carolyn, she is a partner to Christina and a mom to Rachelle and Brooke (fellow NorthFit Youth Empowerment member), a Registered Nurse, and a certified Holistic Nutritionist. You may have heard of her business called Pure and Simple Wellness where she does one on one coaching which involves behavior change and nutritional guidance!

When she was young, she moved from California to New Jersey and then found her home in Wisconsin. Having gone through three major moves by the age of 13, Carolyn has suffered from health problems such as weight gain, asthma, and life-long digestive problems that resulted into have a surgery. Her surgery sparked an interest in health and wellness that turned into a

passion to learn more to really understand what the root cause of many health issues are.

Being an RN for a short time, she quickly realized that there is far too much emphasis on treating symptoms, but not on preventing them.

Carolyn is hoping she can help our members through personal experiences paired with her education to help our community to know that there is always more than one option when it comes to your health. She is a

true believer that a lot of serious health conditions can be prevented by eating nutrient dense foods that benefit your mind and your body and can reverse symptoms.

Her focus is to fuel the body to function at its max capacity, not just for weight loss, but overall health. With 10 years of experience in healthcare, five of those being an RN, she is enthusiastic and excited to call NorthFit home. We are stoked to have her!