CrossFit Games 2018 Recap

Masters Division

Recapping the CrossFit Games, where to start? It was less than a month ago, where a lot of our members walked into the Alliant Energy Center grounds and were in awe of the food stands, vendor village, and, of course the athletes. One of our very own, competed in the 40 - 44 Masters Division, alongside 19 of the most fittest men in the world in the Men's Masters Division. This is a huge accomplishment for our Head Coach, Jeb Simmons, and we at NorthFit Creamery, couldn't be more proud.


The Games kicked off on August 1st and day one began with the O-Course (obstacle course). Most of the NorthFit members were staggered on the fence line, waiting with anticipation, for the start. Minutes later, after a short distance run (sprint most likely), the athletes were jumping over, climbing up, and swinging through the course. That was the first of many events during this five day competition.

The second event, was handstand walks. As most of you know, Jeb is pretty good at handstand walks. Of course, these were not your ordinary 50 foot handstand walks, mind you, they were handstand walks up and over, what some might say, a slanted bridge. Some of you may have seen this set up in the gym prior to the games where Neal Maddox and Jeb had begun practicing how this would feel in preparation for competition. 

Now, the third event was the one that shook the universe and is photographed at the beginning of this section, double unders and snatch. Little do you know, snatch is one of Jeb's favorite Olympic lifts. If he seems more in tune coaching the snatch, now you know why. The NorthFit fans were awestruck as Jeb went into his last lift. Everyone waited with anticipation. Just as the barbell hit the ground, he ran across the finish line, so pumped and ready to rock! It ended the day on a high note and if you didn't get the chills watching, you better watch the video that went viral on Instagram and Facebook.

Luckily, Thursday was a rest day.

Friday, entailed two long workouts including barbells and rope climb and yoke workout, in the North Park Stadium, in the grueling humidity. Talking with Jeb after the games, he said something along the lines of the temperature wasn't much different on the field as it was off. It was the humidity that stuck. 
A Saturday highlight was the open water swim. If you didn't know it already, Jeb knows a thing or two about swimming, practically a fish some would say. Before the swim, the head judge for the event, lined up the athletes in an organized fashion. As the athletes were walking in the water, it was a matter of how was the person in back going to maneuver their way up to the front. Both men and women swam at the same time in this event and Jeb was able to work his way to the front right from the get go and prevailed, taking second place! This was a great way to go into the remaining events!

Sunday was the final day. Again, Jeb was put to the test. There were movements such as GHD sit-ups with a wall ball, sandbag cleans, and a few other movements of course to finish out a solid five day competition. It was a great day for a great day!

After the Games

Speaking with Jeb after the games, he mentioned the best part of the whole thing was that people recognized him, the competitors in his age bracket said it was an honor to compete along side him. The pure joy and inspiration he received from working out with the fittest Masters athletes on earth will stick with him. The podium would be cool, of course, but it's the people and the experiences that matter most.