Member of the Month

Holli Kammer - Member of the Month

One person came to mind for the month of October, Holli Kammer. There are so many reason’s Holli fits the bill and a few of them are because of her contagious enthusiasm and encouragement in the gym and her love and passion to live her best life. Every day, Holli walks in with a friendly smile, hop-in-her-step and is very excited to be a part of this community. Here is more about her story.

To start us off, Holli is a Fort Atkinson local, her husband, Brian (previous member), and has two kids, Natalie, 14 (goes to evening class), and Jack, 11 (Youth Empowerment member). She works for Med Flight and the Children’s Transport team at UW Hospital which is a very physical, demanding job, lifting heavy objects, or odd objects, as Coach Trent would say. Holli works 12-hour days, 3 – 4 days per week and has been at UW for 21 years and with Med Flight for 15 years.

Before finding NorthFit, Holli was an avid runner. Not necessarily a die-hard, I am going to run 26 marathons in 26 weeks kind of runner, but with a goal of staying fit, healthy, and active. She has participated in a few half marathons and swam laps at the pool to stay in shape. Then she broke both tibias in two consecutive years and had dabbled into a global gym,which was not very helpful with all the machines that are available. Then she found NorthFit.

Holli has been a member for about 3-years but has consistently been in the gym since March 2018. What keeps her coming back? Well, you guessed it, it is the people, community, and the improvement she is experiencing. She absolutely loves working out with the 815 class because they are a “great group of people where anybody fits in.” Not only is NorthFit inviting and contagious, there is “nowhere else you can go to get a workout in with a great coach” and where safety comes first.

“It’s super easy and is a very happy place for me. I love coming here and I love the people and seeing other people do well.”

Need I say more of why Holli was the chosen one?

Holli has been put out of her comfort zone so much at the gym, “which is great.” Coming to the gym, doing the work, has made her stronger mentally. Through her transformation, Holli was encouraged by her sister to visit the Feminine Tribe “and it was wonderful. It makes you see the negative energy and get rid of it! Feels so good and you really appreciate that part of CrossFit.” Empowering your mind and body, it allowed Holli to continue to work hard, and start taking can’t out of her vocabulary. “You can’t say can’t, you say I’m working on it.” Experiencing the Heat and Ice Recovery Training, she experienced doubt during the first round and “wanted to jump out [of the ice bath]. The second and third, I was like, I got this.” This has helped her to endure more things more often.

Another piece to Holli’s success is nutrition. What Holli did was talk to Coach Tyler and he set her up with a nutrition program. She has lost 30 pounds!

“I sat down with him [Coach Tyler] one day and said I was having a really hard time. He said, let’s figure this out.”

So, she started counting her macros (proteins, fats, and carbs). “Of course, Coach Jeb, Coach Brady,and Coach Trent, are always giving me pointers and it has been a team effort”for her success.

Overall, joining the gym has given Holli a stronger mentality, “it’s easier to stay positive when you feel good.” Now there is more joy in her life where she is “more excited to be with family and do more with the kids.” They live one block from the school, and her family is encouraged and excited to go for walks with the dog and even the kids are wanting to do the same. “CrossFit has made me better, as an overall person.”