How to Get in the Athlete Mindset

The athlete mindset, what is it? 

Many think it is going through the motions during the workout of the day, burpee here, push press there, complete, go for another round. For others, it is pushing past their limits and allowing the power of the body to win over the mind. Your body is more capable than the mind gives it credit for so, you may ask yourself, how does one push past the mental block?

Remove Can't

First step, let’s remove the word “can’t” out of our vocabulary completely. We hear this word all the time. Just saying the word, means you have already lost. Words reflect our attitude and our emotions. If you talk negatively, then don’t be surprised if you act negatively, too. To move the needle, we have to believe that we can already do it. Let’s repeat this, we have to believe that we can already do it. When looking to set a personal record, or translating this concept into our everyday lives, saying the simple phrase that was so easily ingrained in our minds, “I can’t” will put a huge STOP sign on what you want to accomplish. Yes, things take time, and yes, hard work is needed, most people can’t get a muscle up overnight. You need to ask yourself, is it that you “can’t” do it, or that you don’t want to try it? If it is a physical block, where you think that you physically are not able to make that lift, give it a try. If you fail, now you know that it is something to work for, because you can.

Frustrations happen. It is frustrating when the workout involves a movement(s) that are not your strong suite. This is when you might hear the phrase,

  “it’s time to ride the struggle bus”,

from one of our finest, Head Coach, Trent Simmons. Riding the struggle bus is not a bad thing, it shows that you are willing and able to put in the work to get better. GET BETTER. That is what our coaches and team members strive for! Yes, you heard it right, team members. We are all on the same team, working to get better. When things are frustrating, look internally. One phrase that comes to mind that Stacy Simmons has said before, “my body is limitless”. Say this to yourself whenever you want to give up because you THINK you “can’t” do something. Yes, you can.

Believe in Yourself

Which brings us to our second step, believe in yourself. Our society has taught us that we are not good enough in more ways than one. But, fun fact, YOU are good enough so start believing that you are! Get past this block of self-doubt and push past your limits. Ever hear someone say, “I blacked out” during a workout? They did that because they believe that their body can go beyond what their mind tells them. Everyone in the universe has these thoughts, it is just a matter of recognizing them and then changing them. There is not a doubt in my mind that our better athletes have moments of doubt, but they CHOOSE to look past their mind's limitations.


Remove “I can’t” from your vocabulary, it does way more harm than good. When you think you can’t do something, then you can’t. Use the phrase, 

“my body is limitless”,

to replace it. Our coaches and team members believe in us and are here to cheer us on and help push you past your internal blocks, but you have to believe in yourself, too. This is one of the most important things to adapt to. There will always be someone who will make you think twice, but if you believe in yourself, then whatever someone says, is just words.

Let’s get after it!