Member of the Month

Interview with Harry and Kam Devitt - January 2020 Members of the Month

Why did you join NorthFit Creamery? What made you walk through the door?

Harry: Heard about it from people. I was working out at home and needed accountability. Working out in our basement alone is kind of isolating. Kam and I were ready to join a gym.

Why did you join NorthFit Youth Empowerment?

Kam: Wanted to get strong and Dad was doing it to. I was working out with dad at home.

Why do you think you were chosen to be member of the month?

Kam: Because we have so much fun.

Harry: I know why Kam was chosen. He is a really good listener and pays attention to the coaches.

Are you a Fort Atkinson local?

Harry: We live in whitewater.

Do you have any siblings?

Kam: I have 3 siblings (Kloe 19, Kasey 16, Madux 15).

Where do you work? Has NorthFit Creamery helped you in your career since you have joined?

Harry: I own an appraisal company, so I am in the car or on the computer a lot. Yes, I enjoy this because I get to move around and talk to like-minded people.

Where do you go to school? What grade are you in?

Kam: Lakeview Elementary and I am in 2nd grade (7 years old).

How long have you been a member?

Harry: Since September 2019, Kam joined shortly after.

What do you like most about being a member?

Harry: I like the people, the environment, and the coaches are helpful. Coming from working along, I was ready for some socialization.

Kam: I like the activities that we do.

What encourages you to keep coming back to class?

Harry: Community. And I don’t want to discourage anyone, but it is really hard and really fun at the same time.

What keeps you coming back to NFYE?

Kam: I get excited and need to run around.

Which class will we find you in most days of the week?

Harry: 7:00 pm, 3x per week.

Kam: Mon/Wed at 3:15pm (our Littles NFYE class).

What is your favorite movement, the one you know you will crush?

Harry: Ski Erg and rowing, they are way better than the bike.

What is your favorite thing to do during NFYE class?

Kam: Rowing and lunges.

What is your favorite meal to eat?

Kam: Spaghetti, pasta!

Harry: I recently quit eating meat since my oldest daughter is vegan. I have noticed that feel better working out. Lentil noodles are good!

What animal best describes you and why?

Kam: Not sure.
Harry: Some type of fish because I like being near/on the water.

For someone who has not joined yet, or is about to, what would you tell them?

Harry: To not over think it and come in and go for it. The community is great, and everyone will be nice. I talked myself out of it a few times and I am so happy that I joined.

Are you doing anything outside of NorthFit to stay active and healthy?

Harry: Water skiing in the summer. Kam starts wrestling soon.

What milestone have you achieved since joining? How did you accomplish it?

Harry: I didn’t know what to expect when first joining. I am better at pull ups than before and my cardio is a lot better now than when I started.

What do you think you have improved on since joining NFYE?

Kam: Kipping pull ups.

Overall, what has NorthFit done for you? Mentally, physically, etc.

Harry: Boosted confidence, been a lot of fun. I want to thank the 7:00 pm class and the coaches for being so supportive!

What is your next goal you are going to crush?

Harry: Horrible at jump roping. I remember talking about it with Dawn and Justin in my intro. I was moving my arms so much! I don’t think I have jumped rope since grade school.

Kam: Do double unders.

What is something that you find you like more about yourself after joining NorthFit?

Kam: Getting stronger.

Harry: Feel like I’m getting stronger, overall happier, we [Kam and I] have a lot of fun together because we like talking about the workouts together.