Member of the Month

January Member of the Month

Jon Enslin joined us in October of 2012. He is an extremely dedicated long time member of ours that shows up day in and day out ready to put in the work, no matter what the workout calls for! Before joining Jon was looking for a different way to workout. He would frequently play basketball, but after hurting his knee, he knew he needed to find something different and needed others to help push him. Jon had not previously lifted weights regularly so he was definitely a little intimidated by that was something that held him back. Once he was in the gym, and saw the instruction and demonstration of movements as well as seeing other people in the same boat quickly made that fear go away! 

Since joining, Jon feels stronger and more fit. He has met an amazing group of friends that he likely would not have met without joining (shout out to the tight-knit 6am class!). Overall Jon has seen his blood pressure, and heart rate improve since joining. Not only does he feel stronger and more fit, by these numbers Jon knows that what he is doing is working for his body.  NorthFit is a perfect fit for Jon because it not only provides the place for physical activity to happen, but also the camaraderie aspect to the workout and creates a fun and mutually supporting environment. He states that he continues to keep coming because he enjoys the diversity of the workouts and how he feels once finishing them - especially the long cardio and interval type workouts!Jon will be turning 50 next year and wants to continue to maintain this healthy lifestyle. He understands that he is at the point he may not be hitting huge weightlifting PR's and he is totally OK with that! He wants to stick with what he is doing, so that he is able to do it for longer. 

A few goals that Jon has set for the upcoming year would be to become more efficient with certain body weight movements. Recently Jon just got handstand push ups! Way to go!!! Jon also competed this summer in the Bro Royale hosted at NorthFit, shown above doing DB snatch as a part of one of the workouts!When asked what type of animal he would be and why; "Any type of bird because flying would be really cool."When asked what his favorite "pump up" song is; "Anything but country music. Literally anything."Your hardwork and dedication does not go unnoticed by the coaches and we love having you in class! Keep up the work Jon! 

Maddie Bare

General Manager / Coach