Member of the Month

June Member of the Month

Kyle Newcomb has been a member with us at NorthFit Creamery since the beginning, even before the beginning. Kyle is good friends with the founders Jeb, Sean and Brandon. Brandon had told Kyle about CrossFit pre CFFA and Kyle built his own little basement gym, and began following the mainsite programming and knew then this was the new thing for him. After college, he was looking for something competitive to be involved with and couldn't find the what he was really looking for. He started doing triathlons, but says he hates running and was 225 pounds, so it was just not the right fit. Once Kyle moved back to Fort, joining the gym was a no-brainer for him. 

Kyle jumped right into the notorious 5am class. He said his fear of joining was having to wake up for that class, but he did it and has met some amazing friends along the way, like Justin Luebke, even though this was how one of their first encounters went... "It was a rough transition initially, one that included taking a weight clip to the face from Justin Luebke. I literally saw it coming, but was too tired to move or try to catch it, so I caught it with my face." Being around since the beginning, Kyle knew that this was the gym due to the coaches, but not simply just because of the coaching, but also because of the support of his friends and the owners, Jeb, Sean and Brandon. He was here to see the transition of a brand new gym to what is now the NorthFit that we know with Meg and Jeb. Being a physical therapist, Kyle sees the value in what NorthFit does and how it promotes a healthy lifestyle and community. 

With CrossFit he has developed an even better understanding of movement that he is able to carry over into his professional career being a physical therapist. He has seen improvements in his own overall mobility and movement patterns. Coming in he had an overdeveloped chest (such a bro), poor hip mobility, and shoulder mobility. Every year he has seen improvements in his over fitness level without increasing his overall time in the gym - even though Jeb reminds him that he is peaking because he is in his mid-30's... Even with that encouragement he still sees himself coming 5 days a week for years to come, trying to avoid the "dad bod" while maintaining his abs. He says another one of his 5am friends, Ben Dauck is giving him motivation with his 6 pack and being able to maintain them into their 40's. 

Hands down his favorite part about NorthFit is the community aspect, and that is a place that you can be proud to be belong to. "Who else is crazy enough to lift heavy shit overhead at 5am?" The group of 20-25 people in the 5am are the reason Kyle finds it just a little bit easier to roll out of bed at 4:42am in order to make it there and workout with them. They all share the same goals of improving their health and wellbeing and that has helped foster some amazing relationships and a great camaraderie in that group. 

When asked about goals, Kyle says he just wants to keep improving and to keep having fun! Some take this CrossFit thing too seriously, noting that the next level CrossFit athlete that is making it to regionals, or the Games is just so advanced. While he absolutely loves the competitive aspect of CrossFit which helped get him in the door in the first place, he also knows his own limitations and is just having fun pushing his fitness as far as he can, for 1 hour a day and enjoying the time with the group of people he is around. 

Anyone that knows Kyle knows that his work ethic and drive is incomparable. This holds true in the gym, in his professional life and in being a father and husband. Kyle continuously goes out of his way to help others and is passionate about health and wellness. He is credited for helping to hold Jeb Simmons together post shoulder surgery as well countless other members in the gym post surgeries. We can't thank you enough Kyle for all that you do for Jeb, and the rest of our NorthFit community.

Kyle is looking to put on some more mobility clinics in the future for our NorthFit members. In the past he has done one on shoulder mobility and overhead positioning, and he is wondering what the rest of the NorthFit community would be interested in seeing? Please email us at cffortatkinson@gmail.com with any ideas and we will pass those on to Kyle!

Lastly, we asked Kyle about what his "spirit animal" would be, this is what he said; "A former Triple Crown winning horse, probably the best retirement package ever in history, Google it." So we did... and you should too! 

Maddie Bare

General Manager / Coach