Member of the Month

May Member of the Month

Ilse has been a member with NorthFit since September 2015. Originally picking this gym due to it's proximity to work and home, but says now that she has been here for 2.5 years, she couldn't imagine going anywhere else! 

Ilse was a college athlete at UW-Whitewater on the softball team while she was there for her pre-pharmacy school prerequisites before attending UW-Madison for Pharmacy School. She is now a pharmacist at the SSM Health Dean Clinic Cancer and Infusion Center in Janesville. In her spare time, she love to stay active and busy with running, biking, hiking, playing rec sports, and going on sporadic adventures. Currently she is enrolled in a yoga teacher training program and  hoping to teach yoga in the future.

Before joining NorthFit, she thought she was already strong and fit, but her first  Crossfit workout was certainly a humbling experience that proved her wrong. (We can all relate to that!!) Before NorthFit, Ilse was mostly a runner (she still CRUSHES every running workout we program) and occasional weight lifting. Although she loved running, she wanted to find something else to spice up her workout regimen and get stronger. 

When asked about her favorite thing about NorthFit, she says it comes down to the other members as well as the coaches. "I love the camaraderie and the support among the class during and after a killer workout. As far as the coaches go, the NorthFit coaches are the best! Huge shout out to Coach Brady for knowing my potential far better than myself. He’s been the coach I’ve had most frequently since starting and he has this crazy ability to know exactly what people have the capability of lifting and pushing them to reach their full potential." 

Her main motivation to keep coming is to keep pushing to be better, healthier, stronger, and to eventually compete in local Crossfit competitions. "One of the best things about Crossfit is that is it a life-long sport. There is not finish line. You can always push to be better, move quicker, lift heavier and that’s all the motivation I need." 

Since joining Ilse has seen improvements not only in weights that she has lifted, but also in her running! She saw her half marathon pace go from a 10 minute mile, down to under an 8:40 pace. Meanwhile she has also PR'd ALL of her lifts since joining. Previously a 100lb front squat was intimidating and now she is front squatting 160lbs! A few other goals that she has set and reached are; double unders, strict pull ups (before joining she couldn't do any!), and has gotten over her fear of squat snatching (thought she would throw the bar behind her and pop out her shoulder), and being able to do handstand push-ups! Moving forward she has set herself a few more goals to accomplish; 2018; Be able to do at least a 10 ft unbroken handstand walk; be able to do at least 1 muscle up; complete another half marathon in the fall. 2019; Participate in the Crossfit Open/Friday Night Lights in the RX division in 2019 (We will take your word on that Ilse!).

When we asked Ilse about what her spirit animal would be she said, "I would say a sled dog. Not only is running one of my favorite things to do, but I also love to push myself and give it my all in everything I do. I’m happiest when I’m working out and get antsy when I’m not doing some sort of work. I also would pick a sled dog because dogs are genuinely super happy animals and I like to think that I’m a pretty happy and positive person (exception being when I’m doing any workout that involves thrusters..)" 

Anyone who knows Ilse knows that she constantly has a smile on her face and having a conversation with anyone in the gym! She brightens up the room right when she walks in, and is such a pleasure to have in class. Please help us celebrate Ilse this month :)

Maddie Bare

General Manager / Coach