Member of the Month

Mike Olson - Member of the Month

The coaches have talked, the votes are in, and this month please congratulate Mike Olson for being nominated as Member of the Month for January 2019! Mike is one who asks a question and then puts the answer to work. The coaches are proud of his progress and his attitude every day in the gym. Thank you, Mike, for your ongoing effort and excitement to come to class and get it done!

Sitting with Mike on December 31st and talking about his accomplishments since becoming a member in February 2016 is a perfect segway into what he is looking forward to achieving in 2019.

Mike had worked out consistently before joining NorthFit and he had enjoyed working out on his own which included running, biking, swimming, and weight lifting,

but there was something missing.

He was looking for something new to challenge him, so why not join a gym that offers CrossFit classes? That is exactly what he did. He was chosen as our member of the month for January because of his tenacity and grit when he comes to class. Mike consistently works out five days a week and each day he progresses in becoming the best version of himself. If he asks a question, he corrects his form or strategy and gets to work!

In getting to know Mike a bit more, he is married to his wife, Beth, has an 11-year-old daughter, Zoe, and a Black Labrador Retriever who is a super friendly and happy pup (Mike’s spirit animal). Originally from Minnesota, Mike and Beth decided to relocate to Whitewater where he works as an Applications Developer at the University of Whitewater Wisconsin. His parents also have recently moved to Whitewater which makes it less stressful for travel time around the holidays. He enjoys pepperoni pizza, so if you want to get on his good side, here’s your sign :).

In asking Mike how NorthFit has helped him in his position at UWW, he stated that working out in a group setting takes his mind off his day to day. By working out consistently (now in the 6am class), it helps him to focus and start his day off on the right foot and puts him in a great mood to tackle any stress that come his way head on. Looking forward to working out everyday is only one reason why this guy was chosen as our member of the month. He enjoys the workouts and really likes the equipment (functional fitness) and loves the consistent programming that keeps him coming back for more. Although, as most of you know, there are some movements that are not challenging and others that are challenging. Rowing is one of Mike’s strong movements where as handstand push-ups are his challenge (same with most of us). This challenge hasn’t stopped him from trying a few reps when they are listed on the white board. From his progression from having tendinitis in his elbow and not being able to perform body weight movements, he can now say that the impossible movements from when he first started are no longer impossible. Pull-ups, double-unders, and getting closer the RX weights don’t seem far out of reach anymore. He says that he is

“physically in the best shape of my life.”

He is stronger and in the best cardio shape ever.

Now that 2019 is here, his next goal is to step up his nutrition game to be able to do more body movements, handstand push-ups being one of them.

The last questioned was, what is something you find you like more about yourself after joining NorthFit? Mike says,

“increased confidence.”