Month of December Guide

Hey All! Welcome to this week’s Holiday Blog! This is the hot spot to help you “stay on track” as they say, but also enjoy yourself this season.

With Thanksgiving under our belts (hopefully not too much under our belts), we have a few weeks to get rid of our sodium (or sugar) bloat and get geared up and ready for the next holiday, taking place on December 25th, or every single day of the month of December. Let’s be honest, it is every single day, but December 25th with holiday parties, baked goods readily available at every corner in the office, extra goodies on the counter, what have you. So, let’s get started on how to help you maintain and be able to indulge here and there, we are human after all!

How to battle stress around the holidays?

For those who survive the holiday month with dancing dancers in their heads and turtle doves flying effortlessly all around them, you may not need to read much more. For the rest of us, here are some tips to help you stay calm and chillaxed.

Number one, don’t worry about it. The holiday season is meant for family and friends, spending a little more time with those you cherish most. It is not about receiving or giving the best gift ever, so why stress over it? Time is priceless. Giving your time to someone is the best gift that you can ever give. You can never take it back. Here are a few ideas to get you started with new traditions. Walk through your neighborhood and check out all the beautiful lights that cover homes, volunteer wherever volunteers are needed (Humane Society, a retirement community, etc.). Makes gluten-free, sugar free cookies (those exist, right?), have a tree decorating contest, start a neighborhood decorating competition (some of you like the competition), do what makes you happy and enjoy the winter weather with loved ones.

Number two, continue to exercise. Exercise has numerous benefits, stress release being one of them! Have you ever not wanted to go to class, then you go, and after you get a chance to think about what you just did, you feel amaze balls? This may have happened a time or two from prior experience. Most of you know that exercise release chemicals called endorphins. They interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain (cough, stress, anxiety, etc.). Interestingly it has been found that this chemical also triggers a positive feel in the body, similar to that of morphine (WebMd.com/depression/guide/exercise-depression). Therefore, keep that NorthFit membership, make time for yourself, and get to class to experience the morphine like feeling, or sense of accomplishment. The benefits will only continue with consistency!

Number three, hot topic for many is food. So many sweets, breads, heavy meals, appetizers, drinks, the list continues! How do you get through all of this? Simple answer, say no. “No” is not a bad word and it can be very enlightening. The truth is that many of us like to squeeze in that peanut butter ball, but the key is to enjoy it, but don’t over do it. If you have a sugar cookie (blog on sugar coming soon), take a bite, eat a whole one, then stop. You don’t need to continue down the sugar coma (again, prior experience). It is not worth it. You have come all this way, working your tail off to feel good and get healthier, why sabotage all that for sugar cookies, pies, Brandy Old Fashions, sugary drinks, etc.? Try your best and forget the rest.

Stress is always a hot topic because it effects out physiology, more than just our brain. We can literally make ourselves sick from stress. Hope these above tips help you survive the holiday month.

Disclaimer: The above information is based on opinion and does not guarantee a stress-free holiday, but if you put in the work to be aware of when you feel stressed, you might surprise yourself.

Happy Holidays!