Member of the Month

November Member of the Month

Jaime has been a long time member with NorthFit and has seen many changes over the years of participating and competing in the Crossfit world. We picked Jaime to be our member of the month because this guy has truly transformed since joining, he’s not just a “cardio guy” anymore, he’s now a Crossfitter. His whole attitude towards coming to the gym has flipped and the progress and hard work that he has put in has not gone unnoticed by the coaches. 

Before joining Jaime was still active, intense and very dedicated to a fitness regimen, but he claims he did not yet understand the importance of varying intensity, work, duration, and movements within his workouts. He became bored with what he was doing, and knew he needed to make a change. Some things that held him back from joining initially was the fear of getting hurt, and not being proficient at “crossfit movements”. He has honed in on his olympic weight lifting techniques, and those crossfit movements are now no problem for Jaime! He initially ended up choosing this gym due to the location and him living only 1 mile away, but what he has learned and gained from this experience has gotten him to stick around.  

Since joining NorthFit, Jaime has completed an 18 mile trail run, Spartan Races, 1000 cals on the bike (what?!), bar muscle ups, and 500 (yes - you read that right...500!) BURPEES for time! He states that none of this would have been possible without joining the Northft Community. He has also noticed that he is becoming less competitive with others and more so worried about himself, which is something that we love to see as coaches. Jaime has learned how to manage his heart rate, pace, and to listen to his body in order to be smart during workouts. One thing Jaime has noticed physically about himself is that he still has abs after not seeing them for 20 years! 

What keeps Jaime coming back is the variety of the classes every day and the friendly environment. Jaime says his motivation to keep coming that no matter how bad his body may feel, his mind loves coming and it keeps him feeling 25!  A few upcoming goals that Jaime has set for himself is to continue to keep competing at anything and everything. He will participate in the 2018 open in February and more Spartan Races. Other things in Jaime’s horizon would be to compete at the Granite Games as well as an “old times” wrestling tournament. Your hard word and dedication has not gone unnoticed Jaime! Please help us congratulate him!  

Maddie Bare

General Manager / Coach